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BDCI Subsidiary Finalizing Expansion Into 12 States

The cannabis industry is on pace to be the fastest growing industries in the world. 2017 was a tremendous year for Marijuana stocks as the top companies gained +250%

The marijuana industry is currently in the top of the growth sectors and investors are on the hunt for stocks to profit from. The growing acceptance of marijuana as well as more states considering legislation could serve as major catalysts for marijuana stocks to head higher in 2018. 

One company that could have significant reward possibilities in 2018 for traders and investors alike is called Bahamas Development Corporation (BDCI). 

The company has a subsidiary called Cannabis Consortium, Inc. that is taking the marijuana arena by storm! 

The company is in the process of reverse merging into BDCI, and the amendment to change the name of the Company from BDCI to Cannabis Consortium, Inc. has already been filed with the State of Nevada. 

BDCI‘s subsidiary Cannabis Consortium just announced massive news that could be a beneficial factor to the company’s success.

Cannabis Consortium Is Finalizing a Major Expansion Into 12 States to Manufacture and Sell Its Oil and Edibles

  • Approximately 40 new locations will be added with the expansion into new states
  • Manufacturing operations in all states
  • Indulge Oil and Infused Edibles to receive shelf space in each new state

Bahamas Development Corporation BDCI affiliate company Global Consortium, Inc. dba Cannabis Consortium and it partners have been negotiation with multiple companies to open and operate Indulge Oils manufacturing facilities to produce infused edibles and THC/CBD pens.

The deals would give Indulge Oils and Infused Edibles access to new markets, and as many as 40 new locations in which to sell their products. As part of the agreement, Indulge Oils and Infused Edibles would also be able to enter into white label deals for other companies as well.

Global Consortium anticipates executing these deals in August and September. The buildout to support all the new locations is expected to take 2-3 years.

With each deal, Global Consortium will enter into a 5-year agreement for the use of the manufacturing licenses in each state with multiple renewals. Safeguards will be built in to protect Global Consortium in case a company holding a license is sold, guaranteeing the new owners must adhere to the original contract.

This new deal is a game changer for Global Consortium and will give the company and its products a low entrance cost in 12 states across the country. Soon Indulge Oils and Infused Edibles will be in all the largest markets within the United States.

This is one of many deals that have been negotiated as we wait to begin operations in the new building. More acquisitions and exciting news will be coming soon.

BDCI along with Global Consortium and its partners are working on a rollup into BDCI. More details will be explained within the June Quarterly financials.

Bahamas Development Corporation, in compliance with SEC regulations, may in the future use social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter and its own website to announce key information in compliance with Reg FD.

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