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Callitas Health Signs Partnership with BFS Innovations and Pure Leaf

In a press release from Callitas Health Inc. (OTC:MPHMF), the company stated that have “signed a consulting agreement” with two other companies to help launch their new patent-pending cannabis delivery technology.

Essentially, the partnership is aimed towards Callitas Health focusing on what they know best, manufacturing and distribution, while having BFS Innovations and Pure Leaf Group “accelerate speed-to-market on a state-by-state level.”

Callitas Health is a pharmaceutical and OTC consumer good development company with focuses specifically in developing technologies for “weight management, female sexual health and wellness, cannabis delivery technologies and other proprietary drugs.”  Their top current product is ToConceive which is a lubricant clinically proven to aid with conception.

Their new patent-pending delivery technology is known as CannaStrip and seems to be an oral delivery system.

BFS Innovations Inc. is a consultation company who helps their customers solve development challenges with new products.  BFS Innovations has worked with the likes of Pfizer, Amway, Crayola, and Smuckers.

Pure Leaf Group is an experience player in existing cannabis markets.  Essentially, Pure Leaf aims to help companies looking to enter the market by developing “operating partnerships with key partners to help our clients build the necessary infrastructure to bring safe, consistent, and innovative products to medical patients and recreational consumers.”

Callitas Health’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Joshua Maurice, stated that their “proprietary business model for manufacturing and distribution is novel and efficient. By partnering with BFS Innovations and Pure Leaf Group, we are accelerating our speed-to-market on a state-by-state level, which is very exciting.”

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