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Boeing Beats Consensus and Raises Guidance

Boeing 737 jet aeroplane

The aerospace industry has seen explosive growth since its conception.  When the economy is good airline and aerospace companies tend to do well because of the increased demand for travel from consumers and businesses.  Some of these companies not only produce commercial airplanes for travel, but also work on military and defense contracts. One of…

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Why Intrexon Corporation is Up 30% On the Day

Intrexon COO Jack Bobo

The medical industry has met a new variable, marijuana.  The cannabis plant has a wide variety of uses as it can be turned into paper or clothes and even provide medical benefit to patients globally.  The therapeutic properties of the plant have drawn the attention of scientists, and health care companies world-wide. Intrexon Corporation (NYSE:XON)…

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Can Anything Save HMNY’s MoviePass?

In the past two months, Helios and Matheson Analytics share have declined nearly 99%, dropping all the way from $14.98 a share to $0.01 a share. Just this week shares have fallen over 40% in reaction to the company’s plan to reverse split the stock again.  The proposed split would cut the number of shares…

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