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Fitbit “Blurring the Line” between Trackers and Smartwatches

As we see consumers leaning more towards healthier alternatives such as organic, and natural foods we see other markets taking a similar turn.  In addition to eating healthier, consumers are also trying to get more exercise.

Fitbit, Inc. (NYSE:FIT) has been the front-runner for “tracker” watches in the health and fitness device industry.  Like an old-school pedometer, Fitbit offers a line of wearable trackers that aim to give the consumer key metrics about their physical activity.  These include, but are not limited to, tracking the users miles per day, heart rate, even messages from their cell phone device.

In an announcement on Monday, August 20, 2018, Fitbit released the details of their new fitness tracker model called the Charge 3.  In light of already hitting smartwatch targets for the year, Fitbit’s focus now seems to be on advanced fitness trackers.

The Charge 3 is set to go on sale in October of this year with a price tag of $149.95 for the base model and $169.95 for the special edition model.

The Charge 3 is the follow up to their original Charge model, adding some of the most popular features from their two other smartwatches.  The device combines the best of both worlds, taking features such as heart rate monitoring and run timing from the fitness tracker category, and features such as smartphone-app notification, incoming SMS messages, and even contactless payment.

James Park, the Chief Executive of Fitbit, told MarketWatch that users want to see the line between fitness trackers and smartwatches blurred into ultimately one master product.  This means consumers want to have to purchase less total products but get the absolute most value out of it.  Fitbit already has experience in both fields, and it will be interesting to see what they can formulate over these final two quarters of 2018.

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