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InnerScope Hearing Technologies Signs Supplier Agreement for

InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTC: INND), a technology driven company with highly scalable B2B and B2C solutions, has announced that it has signed a supplier agreement as a direct shipped vendor for

InnerScope has been accepted as a USA, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. supplier and will sell its FDA-Registered Hearing Aids and its Personal Sound Amplifier Products to as the retailer for Direct-To-Consumer online retail sale.

According to the company’s press release, with as a retailer for InnerScope’s products, and with Walmart’s online sales platform, the company will have a boarder reach and visibility in the Direct-To-Consumer hearing assistive and hearing aid device marketplace.

“We were excited when contacted us and wanted to be a retailer for all of InnerScope’s hearing products,” said Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies.

He added, “We signed the supplier agreement as’s direct ship vendor in the U.S. for all of our hearing products and we are very pleased to have forge this new supplier relationship with an American company like Wal-Mart and We know our affordable high-quality hearing products will be well represented online by We our expecting great success and a long-term relationship with as a retail partner and we are looking forward to extending InnerScope’s hearing products to Wal-Mart’s brick and Mortar Stores.”

Mr. Moore also remarked, “This new relationship will bring more awareness to our “Hearing Better in America” marketing campaign which strategically targets the 48 million our Americans who suffers from some form of hearing loss that may require the need for hearing aids or hearing assistive products. The “Hearing Better in America” marketing campaign uses a combination of many different social media and media sources across the United States. InnerScope is continuing to develop multiple direct-to-consumer sales channels and platforms, so the hearing-impaired consumers can gain easy access and more affordable options when it comes to finding hearing aids and/or hearing assistive products.”

InnerScopes’s FDA-Registered ALPHA Digital Hearing Aid Series with Bluetooth and a Smart Control App in 3 levels of technology based on affordability and hearing needs, will be available at The retailer will also offer for sale several types of InnerScopes’s personal sound amplification products or PSAPs.

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