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Organigram Inc. Supports Mount Allison for Cannabis Harms Reduction Education Programming and Initiatives

Organigram Holdings Inc. (OTC: OGRMF), the parent company of Organigram Inc., a leading  licensed producer of medical marijuana and the New Brunswick Regional Development Corporation (RDC), has agreed to provide funding to Mount Allison University.

Organigram will support the University’s efforts to ensure the new legislation is fully communicated on campus, and to implement appropriate harms reduction initiatives established by the University.

Canada is gearing up for the legislation of cannabis on October 17th and as part of the effort to prepare, the university has created a working group earlier this year that is made up of students and staff.

Kim Mead, Mount Allison’s Vice-President, International and Student Affairs, explained, “We believe that providing education to students regarding the use of cannabis, alcohol, and other substances through a harms reduction lens will provide them with more tools to make decisions regarding their use.”

She added, “We have enhanced and strengthened current policies and programs around alcohol and other substances to include cannabis and will implement new initiatives and educational programming associated with cannabis use for the beginning of this academic year.”

CEO of Organigram, Greg Engel, commented, “As a company, we are wholly committed to the goals of the legalization of an adult-use, recreational cannabis market. Most important among these goals is the protection of our youth. We are proud to support Mount Allison’s efforts to ensure their students are educated about responsible cannabis use.”

The funding from the company and the RDC, allows the university to support harms reduction education programming through the addition of a Harms Reduction Educator. The new staff member will begin in August and will work directly with students, the campus community, other post-secondary institutions, and provincial agencies.

“We were pleased to work with Student Affairs and the working group to update existing policies and programs, such as the Student Code of Conduct and Mount Allison’s Residence Life Code of Conduct, and adapt them in light of cannabis legalization,” said Emma Miller, President of the Mount Allison Students Union.

“We’re working with the University to ensure that cannabis education and harms reduction programs and supports will be available to all students, beginning with Orientation activities for new and returning students in August.”

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