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Coca-Cola Reports Q3 Results and Says No to Cannabis Plans

It was only a few weeks ago that beverage giant Coca Cola said it may be interested in getting into the marijuana industry but with the company’s latest earnings report, that idea is not becoming a reality. During the company’s third quarter earnings call, CEO James Quincey said the company “doesn’t have any plans at…

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PepsiCo Had This to Say About Entering the Cannabis Market

PepsiCo may have its eyes on the cannabis market but don’t expect much else. At least not for now. The company’s Chief Financial Officer Hugh Johnston spoke to CNBC recently and said that the company look “critically” at investing in cannabis. It was not that long ago that rival Coca Cola had said it is…

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Understanding Stock Dividend Basics

Dividend stocks

As companies offer rewards to their, they also may choose to reward their shareholders through stock or cash dividends.  These payments act as an incentive for people to buy and hold stock in the company offering it.  Dividend payments serve as a way for investors to get in on the company’s profits and go along…

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3 Reasons for a Pot Stock Bull Market

The cannabis industry has shown major success in the United States, and a new frenzy has begun in Canada.  Recently the Canadian government passed legislation LEGALIZING recreational cannabis use nationwide as one of the largest steps forward in legalization history.  This effectively opens up a market similar to the population size of California.  There are…

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Dunkin Donuts Just Hit an All-Time High For This Reason

Shares of Dunkin Donuts’ (NASDAQ:DNKN) parent company, Dunkin Brands Group Inc., has just hit a new all-time high. The stock soared as Wall Street reacted to the possibility of a takeover after Coca Cola recently announced it would be acquiring Costa Coffee. The acquisition is the biggest in all of Coca Cola’s history. Although Dunkin…

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