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Aurora Cannabis Makes a Lousy Debut on the NYSE

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada was so anticipated that pot stocks were flourishing for weeks ahead of the historical day. That historical day on October 17th came and went and pot stocks decided to give a lot of the gains that they accumulated back. In the midst of marijuana stocks plummeting, Aurora Cannabis…

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Monday’s Earning Reports to Keep an Eye On

Stock market earnings reports

Logitech International S.A. (NASDAQ:LOGI) Logitech International is a multi-brand and multi-category company focused on consumer products and electronics.  By reaching a wide and diverse market, Logitech has established themselves as a leader in consumer electronics, boasting a $6.5 billion market cap.  The company has efforts in markets such as music, gaming, video, and computing with…

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Eventbrite Soaring 60% After Market Debut

This year we have seen some great performing technology-based IPO’s hit the market such as DocuSign, Smartsheet, and Zuora.  These initial public offerings have shown returns of 78%, 112%, and 63% gains respectively. You may have missed it, but there was another technology-based IPO just this week for a company involved in online ticketing. Eventbrite…

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NOW Inc. Souring After Huge Earnings Report

Oil Rig

Oil-field equipment distributor NOW Inc. (NYSE:DNOW) soared more than 15% in the morning today as a reaction from an extremely positive quarterly results.  NOW Inc. has been performing exceptionally well during 2018, with their first quarter revenue up 21% year-over-year. Today, NOW Inc. filled their 10-Q, revealing some expectation-beating numbers.  First, revenue was up 19$…

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