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Why Shares of Intelligent Systems Corp are Up 20%

Payment processing solution

Shares of Intelligent Systems Corporation (NYSE:INS) are up over 20% today in light of a successful 3rd quarter.  INS shares opened around $11.53 a share and are currently trading at $12.95 during lunch. Intelligent Systems Corporation is a tech company with its primary focus on the FinTech industry.  They operate through CoreCard and two other…

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Who’s the Processing King: Square vs. Shopify

Contactless payment

The recent boom technology has also brought about some critical sub-sectors such as e-commerce and payment processing.  The demand for easy-to-use and scalable payment processing solutions is increasingly growing.  In 2007 there were an estimated 25 billion debit card transactions in the United States.  This figure grew to 69.5 million transactions in 2016 totaling $2.56…

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