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Snap Shares Plummet to All-Time Low as Traders Reach to Earnings

Shares of Snap Inc. hit an all-time low after Wall Street processed the company’s third quarter financial results. It was another quarter with a decrease in daily active users which had traders very concerned. Especially as Snap said the decrease was expected to continue. Shares tanked over 12% in after-hours trading when the company reported…

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A Security Breach at Facebook Has Affected up to 50 Million Users

Facebook has recently discovered a security issue that may have compromised up to 50 million accounts on its platform. The social media giant had discovered a breach that let hackers control the accounts of millions of users. “This is a very serious security issue, and we’re taking it very seriously,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg to…

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Why is Snap Inc Hitting All-Time-Low Prices

Snap Inc., the creators of Snapchat, went public on last year with an initial public offering price of $17 a share.  When the market opened on March 2nd, 2017 shares of SNAP were already trading 41.2% higher than the public offering price at $24 a share.  Since than SNAP has been stuck in a a…

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