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Square Beats on Top and Bottom Line but Disappoints on Guidance

Payments company Square reported its third quarter financial results revealing a win on both the top and bottom line but a miss on guidance for the fourth quarter. For the upcoming quarter, Square expects to earn between 12 and 13 cents. Analysts were waiting for 15 cents however. The  San Francisco-based Square, which is run…

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Square Announces Consumer Lending Service

Mobile payment company Square Inc. has announced its push into consumer lending with an installment payments service, The San Francisco-based company, led by Twitter’s Chief Executive, Jack Dorsey, has launched a new service that allows customers of its small business clients to pay for purchases in installments. Square will be extending credit to the customers…

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Who’s the Processing King: Square vs. Shopify

Contactless payment

The recent boom technology has also brought about some critical sub-sectors such as e-commerce and payment processing.  The demand for easy-to-use and scalable payment processing solutions is increasingly growing.  In 2007 there were an estimated 25 billion debit card transactions in the United States.  This figure grew to 69.5 million transactions in 2016 totaling $2.56…

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