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Tesla’s Fremont Factory Just Had Another Fire

While electric vehicle maker Tesla has had a history of fires break out at its Fremont, California, factory, there was one this past week that happened outside.

Tesla’s car plant had a fire break out on Thursday night, August 23rd, around 5:20 PM. The fire had resulted in no injuries and did not impact production. It was also contained in thirty minutes by the Fremont Fire Department.

“Some cardboard and shipping materials being prepared for recycling on our southern fence line caught fire, along with a small patch of grass next to a Tesla parking lot,” a company spokesperson stated. “We would like to thank the Fremont Fire Department for their rapid response.”

CEO Elon Musk was quicky on the scene and took to social media and wrote, “Cardboard being prepped for recycling along southern fence line caught fire. Super appreciate fast response by Fremont fire dept!”

KTVU had reported that the fire had engulfed the surrounding area in smoke while the Fremont Fire Department tweeted during the incident, “Initial reports are fire started in a cardboard pile, threatening an outside structure and now started a small grass fire. We have resources on scene and are taking action.”

Tesla’s Fremont factory homes around 10,000 employees. The company recently had a significant fire in April that temporarily halted its electric vehicle production.

Though Musk’s tweet seemed calm, his stress levels recently made top news in The New York Times. He had told the publication, “This past year has been the most difficult and painful year of my career.” He added, “It was excruciating.”

Musk admitted that sometimes he doesn’t leave the Tesla factory for three or four days straight, and that he hasn’t taken off more than a week at a time since he was sick with malaria back in 2001.

Recently Musk had tweeted that he was considering taking the company private and had secured financing to do so. This landed him and Tesla into hot water with the SEC looking into the tweet and whether or not funding really was secured.

On August 24th, Musk tweeted that he no longer wants to take the company private.

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