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These 3 Tech ETFs Have Beat the S&P This Year

This year has been big for the health care, internet, and technology sectors across the board.  In return, ETFs focused in said sectors have performed exceptionally well.  We’ve selected 4 ETFs that have caught our attention in terms of performance this year.  Let’s take a look at some tech-based ETFs that have seen returns ranging from 20% to 42% this year.


PSCH has shown returns of 42% year to date and has gained 47% in the last year.  This fund targets smaller cap companies in the technology sector.  XWEB, however, stays away from companies specifically focused on hardware or semiconductors.  The ETF has most of its funds in the internet services, software, and IT consultation sectors.  Their top 10 holdings include well-known tech companies such as Alteryx, Trade Desk, Etsy.

Amplify Online Retail ETF (NASDAQ:IBUY)

IBUY has shown returns of 27% year to date and has gained 41% in the last year.  Like the name says, this fund is interested in companies that have focuses in online retail.  Specifically, IBUY targets firms which have at least 70% of their revenues come from online sales.  The fund allocated 75% minimum weight to US stocks and allocated the rest into foreign stocks.  IBUY has most of its funds in the internet services, department stores, and leisure & recreation sectors.  Some well-known names in their top 10 holdings include TripAdvisor, Amazon, and GrubHub.

ProShares Long Online/Short Stores ETF (AMEX:CLIX)

CLIX hit the market on November 14th, 2017 and has shown returns of 20% year to date.  This fund is founded on the idea that retail is out and online is in and is built from one long and one short sub-index.  CLIX requires that a company draws no revenue from physical stores to be included in their long index.  To be in the short index, at least 75% of the company’s revenues must be from in-store sales.



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