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Why Cloudera and Netlist Rallied Today

Cloudera Inc. (NYSE:CLDR) and Netlist Inc. (NASDAQ:NLST) are two tech companies that have caught investors eyes today, causing significant price action.   Netlist Inc has soared to highs of +150%, jumping all the way from yesterdays close of $0.1470 a share to highs of $0.3250 a share today!  Cloudera has rallied 24% in the last two days, upon some positive news regarding their hybrid cloud tool.

Cloudera Inc. (NYSE:CLDR)

Like many others in the tech industry, Cloudera’s focus is on cloud based solutions primarily for enterprise data management.  They recently posted their Q2 2018 results which showed significant growth in their subscription-based platform revenue, leading to net loss coming in at about half of what estimates predicted.  Specifically, the subscription revenue is currently growing at 26% per year.  This is steady growth in comparison to larger companies such as Amazon’s AWS which is currently growing around 45% per year.

Netlist Inc. (NASDAQ:NLST)

Netlist is involved in the design and manufacturing of high-end Solid State Drives and other memory devices, with flagship products such as the NVvault®.  Recently, Netlist got themselves in a legal dispute with another company under the name SK Hynix, who allegedly infringed on their patents.  In earlier news today, the United States International Trade Commission issued a claim construction order in favor of Netlist.  The claim construction order essentially starts the process of the investigation of the claim as well as the violation in question.  CEO of Netlist, C.K. Hong sounds optimistic about the upcoming trial stating that: “This interpretation of the patents puts us in a strong position with respect to infringement, which was the only issue we didn’t win in our first ITC action. The order gives us significant momentum heading into the trials scheduled later this year in both the ITC and in Germany.”

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